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Endless Hoverboard Arcade Runner



This section is all about us, our missions and our actions: We are three friends; Dominik Gstoehl, Manuel Lampert and Michael Gassner and are currently going through an apprenticeship specialising in “Information Technology” (IT). Within the lines of that, we have to create a project for which we decided to design a game for smartphones or more precisely; an app!.

The app is about a chicken which is moving through a gloomy, dark forest on a hoverboard, escaping from its enemies while the battery of the hoverboard is constantly dropping. That means that to survive, the player has to collect as much batteries as possible to keep the battery level up, so the chicken on the hoverboard can keep moving.


Dominik Gstöhl


Manuel Lampert

Graphic Designer

Michael Gassner

Public Relations Specialist

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